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EDI:lass {EDI: Integration as a Service}

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) enables businesses to exchange electronic documents easily, efficiently and cost effectively. Documents such as invoices and purchase orders are transmitted from one computer to another in a standardized electronic format. EDI enables you to send and receive business documents with minimal chance for errors and omissions, due …

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IPS: B/Doom Justified

This publication would address challenges with respect to the security devices thus proving the acumen towards best practises in an IPS world, resulting in guarding a firm against these perpetrating alarming attacks. Also the paper would direct, tips and guidelines for deploying these products from internal to border network environment …

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Online Safety: Things to Do & Things to Avoid

Either it is a battlefield or a football field, there are always certain safety tips given to people before going anywhere, & it is recommended to follow them all. In the same way, for your Online Safety, there are things that you should know before you go Online Things to …

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