Plan your Career

“Your wrong Career moves will  never result in Career Success! You should plan your Career as per your Interest, Experience & Qualification.“

Most of the aspirants face problem such as:

  • Which IT Track is good for me?
  • Which training or certification will help me?
  • Which one is important, Certification or College degree?
  • How do I plan my Career?

 Planning a Career is all about Attitude! It’s your first step for a Successful Career.

These days, most people focus on Certification and other Career tools without any consideration for career growth. Training, Certification and work Experience should only be considered within the context of your Interest. You should come to the point of choosing a Certification only after developing a realistic Career plan.

So here the Question is “How do I develop a realistic Career plan?”

        You can do this by giving first priority to your Interest and then Experience & Qualification. OR if you are still confused then ask yourself some Questions such as:

  • What sort of working life do you want?
  • What type of work or activity makes you happy?
  • What are your career goals?
  • What are your ambitions, personal or lifestyle preferences?
  • In terms of Career satisfaction what is important to you?

 Since you know your Career goals it should be easy for you to identify your Career gaps.

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