DuPage Medical group was victim of Cyber-attack in mid-July, potentially compromised patients’ information

Date: 30th August 2021

Severity: High

The DuPage Medical group have started notifying patients about recent Cyber-attack which might have compromised their personal information like date of birth, diagnosis code & social security numbers.

According to recent post by Chicago Tribune, almost 6,00,000 patients shall be notified about the data breach.

The group had call for Forensic team to investigate the possible cyber-attack and they found that it was caused due to “Unauthorized actors” who accessed the network on 12th & 13th July.

A statement was released by Steve Nelson, CEO of DuPage Medical Group, “The health care sector is under attack by cybercriminals who have no regard for the health or well-being of others. Our physicians and team members have worked tirelessly to provide personalized care for our patients, despite facing significant challenges.”

In the news release, the group stated that they are not aware of any misuse of any personal information exposed because of this data breach.

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