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50K Home Security Cams hacked

Date: 12th Oct 2020 Attack/Breach Status: Successful  Severity Impact/Potential: High Headlines: 50000 Home Security Cameras hacked and posted online A group of hackers claimed to have hacked into 50,000 home security cameras where some of the private footages have been also posted online. Videos captured appears to be from IP …

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Thwarting XSS!

Data containing HTML or Java Script can really be one of the BIGgest problem, specially when its is being specified by a ‘user’. For example simple application like Blog, where user can submit the comments after reading the post, which’s being displayed. If the user is ‘not-that-bad’ and enters only plain …

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Securing the Cloud

Where and how our data is composed, processed, accessed, stored, backed up and destroyed is, what is sure to become massively overlaid cloud-based services and ‘by whom’ and ‘using whose infrastructure’ solely yields significant concerns related to security, privacy, compliance and survivability. This paper will show multiple cascading ‘levels of …

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