2 Big eye care providers hit by hackers resulting in Data breach

Date: 21st September 2021

Severity: High

Two big Eyecare provider groups were hit by hackers resulting in data breach affecting around 324,000 individuals.

Simon Eye become aware about the suspicious activity related to employee email account on 8th June 2021. Basis on the event notice shared by Simon eye, individual’s name, medical history, diagnosis information and claims information might have been impacted.

Basis on report, U.S. Vision came across suspicious activities on 12th May 2021 involving their systems & servers. As per the notice by U.S. Vision, data like individual’s name, eyecare insurance information, claims information, address, Data of birth and other individual identifiers.

Both the Eyecare providers confirmed of no evidence being found of data being misused post the incident. Support information has been released for individuals to take steps for protecting their information. Please follow reference links in the post to check for more details.

Reference: SIMON EYE – Notice of data event, U.S. Vision – Website Notice

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