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DuPage Medical group was victim of Cyber-attack in mid-July, potentially compromised patients’ information

Date: 30th August 2021 Severity: High The DuPage Medical group have started notifying patients about recent Cyber-attack which might have compromised their personal information like date of birth, diagnosis code & social security numbers. According to recent post by Chicago Tribune, almost 6,00,000 patients shall be notified about the data …

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Trump being used as phishing lure in USAID email by hackers

Date: 28th May 2021 Severity: High In an incident that has left the Washington baffled, Microsoft Vice President Tom Burt announced that about 3000 email accounts across 24 countries at over 150 organizations were targeted in the wave of attacks, including phishing lure in USAID email by hackers using the …

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Global Meat Processing giant JBS shuts down owing to cyberattacks

Date: 31st May 2021 Severity: High JBS Foods, the world’s largest meat processing company is the latest entrant to the victims of cyberattacks, which has compelled the company to shut down its production across the globe, including Australia. With its 47 facilities across Australia, JBS operates the largest network of …

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