IPS: B/Doom Justified

This publication would address challenges with respect to the security devices thus proving the acumen towards best practises in an IPS world, resulting in guarding a firm against these perpetrating alarming attacks. Also the paper would direct, tips and guidelines for deploying these products from internal to border network environment as in a practical scenario, thus having a basic evaluation on how different vendor products behave in certain environments specifying the pros and cons of having these devices positioned around different acquisitioned security devices thus protecting the network infrastructural services of the firm.

Also, the heart of this publication i.e. ‘Four most fundamental issues affecting IPS’ will lighten one to have the most efficient product out of a normal vendor product, and will review how we are going to resolve those cult of headache’s of an administrator, also would showcase the upcoming scenario in the dark world of IPS, full of intruders and perpetrators with a single ray of hope!

Also, with future perspective one will get a glimpse of the core requirements for the next generation IPS and will get an insight for making informed decisions in the golden age of intrusions!

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