UK lost $1.8 billion in cyber crime and related fraud in just 6 month time.

National Fraud Intelligence Bureau has just published a report which indicates almost $1.8 billion total financial loss during first 6 months of 2021 due to cyber crime and related fraud.

Comparing to the data made available last year, there are more than seven times increase in cyber crimes , rising from last number 39,160 to 289,437 affecting individuals and organisations in the UK.

As per the report major spikes were noticed after announcement of second Covid19 lockdown, that is during first quarter itself where more than 137,000 crimes observed which led to financial losses of $860.50 million.

Region wise biggest losses were seen in London, the South East and Eastern England, with over $865 million lost to Londoners alone, $324.92 million in the South East and $320.90 million in Eastern England.

To read more from the published report visit NFIB Fraud & Cyber Crime.

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