Global Meat Processing giant JBS shuts down owing to cyberattacks

Date: 31st May 2021

Severity: High

JBS Foods, the world’s largest meat processing company is the latest entrant to the victims of cyberattacks, which has compelled the company to shut down its production across the globe, including Australia.

With its 47 facilities across Australia, JBS operates the largest network of production facilities and feedlots in the country. The attack began with targeting the company’s information.  The Federal Agriculture Minister David Littleproud had confirmed that the government was aware of the hack.

The company has been striving to get back online and the entire matter is under investigation process. This attack might affect the daily workers who might not get paid if the production comes to a halt. If this stoppage lasted for more days, the cattle would likely be returned to paddocks, feedlots or agistment.

The White House cyber security official has warned that this might be an onset of the SolarWinds hack and the situation demands of immediate fixing up and cleaning process as a proactive measure and approximately 18,000 companies had downloaded the malicious software. Nobelium, which is also known as Cozy Bear was responsible for a hack into the Democratic National Committee servers in 2016 is also said to be behind this cyberattack.

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