50K Home Security Cams hacked

Date: 12th Oct 2020

Attack/Breach Status: Successful 

Severity Impact/Potential: High

Headlines: 50000 Home Security Cameras hacked and posted online

A group of hackers claimed to have hacked into 50,000 home security cameras where some of the private footages have been also posted online.

Videos captured appears to be from IP based cameras which are usually installed in homes to monitor child remotely or for other home security surveillance purposes.

Duration of hacked videos ranges from 1 min to 20 minutes which cover the footages of people of varying ages and some of the videos also covers couple or individuals in compromising positions.

These video footages were found posted on Pornographic websites as well and being sold to members who have paid lifetime access fee of $150, providing access to almost 3 Terabytes of videos.

Considering the people deploying IP based camera in the connected world, it has also raised concern on basic security practices and lack of awareness for home users as well to safeguard their privacy with smart devices.



Today smart and connected devices are being used by billions of houses across the globe which are seen as crown jewels by Hackers due to mass usage; it is slowly shifting the hacker’s interest in targeting these easy to hack unprotected home devices and appliances for money earned by Ransom and selling the privacy online.

It is recommended for all home users to Take control of Privacy in their own hand, which can be achieved by:

  • Changing the default configuration of connected devices such as Webcam, Wi-Fi & Home-Routers.
  • Limit permission of Mic, Camera, Storage of any smart devices such as Computers, Smart TV & Smart Phone.
  • Use physical privacy cover for Camera and Mic wherever possible 
  • Safeguard the ID & Password associated with any smart devices
  • Turn of the connected device when not in use
  • Add privacy and security features as one selection criteria for buying any smart and connected devices.
  • Most of today’s devices and solutions allows control of Privacy and Security, make use of it and guide the same to your family and colleagues.

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