Understanding IP datagram – the easy way

It is important to understand the information which is presented in an IP Packets as it helps you understand how the integrity of the information you send across a local network or the internet can be compromised. Mainly IP datagram has two components: the header and the payload. The Header contains addressing and control fields […]

Cracking wireless Network WEP protection

Stuffs required: A compatible wireless Adapter: There are lots of compatible wireless adapter available, but what you need to care about is the size of your Pocket or say your budget. One can easily go for a good Alfa adapter that is easily available in Amazon but I’ll recommend going for AirPcap Adaptor which I […]

Hiring for Computer Engineers McKinsey’s way

Nothing funny! There is Something Serious about this Ad! If you’re a computer engineer and like to solve difficult problems, start decoding these phone numbers and call them to get a job. We’re looking for Computer Engineers who like to solve difficult problems. Call us on this number now: x=24, y=30 Phone no:= 01.(y^2-x).(y^2-10^2)x10 Objective […]