Operation Hangover : Unveiling an Indian CyberAttack Infrastructure (NormanShark Report)

March 18th, 2013   •   No Comments   

Norway-based security firm Norman released a comprehensive report that examines a sophisticated Cyber Attack Infrastructure that appears to be originated from India, conducted by private threat actors with no evidence of state-sponsorship. As per published report this attack was in operation for over last three years, primarily as a platform for surveillance against Pakistan and possibly United States in interest of national security. Report also says it has been used for industrial espionage against the Norwegian telecom corporation ‘Telenor’.

As per the report, initial attack was originated through a spear phishing attempt where a specially crafted RTF file was designed to execute an encrypted malicious code(decryption done thereafter) by exploitation of vulnerability in Microsoft Common Control (CVE-2012-0158).

Full detailed Report on Operation Hangover is available for download from original source: NormanShark
Backup/Mirror Link:


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