Cyber Security Intelligence Report 2013 (IBM Report)

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Executive Summary & Analysis of Cyber Security Report:

Recently IBM has published a report that explains the Global threat landscape encompassing 3700 clients across 130 countries and is a complementary to IBM X-Force Report.

As per the published report, Manufacturing, Finance & Insurance are in the list of most attacked industries which is nearly 50% of all reported incidents. These attacks are often aimed at causing physical damage and disruption rather than accessing information which is raising new concerns about shifts across the threat landscape. Overall percentage of noted incidents specific to industry are as follow:

  • Manufacturing: 26.5%
  • Finance & Insurance: 20.9%
  • Information & Communication: 18.7%
  • Health & Social Services: 7.3%
  • Retail and Wholesale: 6.6%

This report has also highlighted the probable reasons which is motivating Insiders, Outsiders and a small portion of Inadvertent Actor causing incursions against these industries, these are:

  • Opportunistic: 49%
  • Industrial espionage, terrorism, financial crime, data theft: 23%
  • Dissatisfaction with employer / job: 15%
  • Social activism / civil disobedience: 7%
  • Others: 6%

It has been estimated that more than 70% of breach occurred due to lack of measures taken by end-users, and misconfiguration in system or application, reported percentage are as follow:
Misconfigured system or application: 42%

  • Vulnerable Code: 6%
  • End-user error: 31%
  • Targeted attack: 6%
  • Undermined: 15%

At last, IBM has made some recommendation and provided a list of essential practices for the organization to prevent highlighted risks.

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