Compliance Hacking | A new and defined terminology!

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Things which are ethical for me may not be ethical for you, so when we talk about something ethical, it’s all about moral philosophy and in my view moral philosophy is nothing more than a perception, which varies people to people and community to community.

Take a case, where, a hacker group from Pakistan trying to hack into India’s government communication system, it may be considered as ethical by Pakistani community but it’s totally un-ethical if you ask from an Indian. For instance check out those words in news, posted on one of Pakistan’s News Portal and follow up with the comment about latest CBI hack-attack. similarly take another example:

“Asquadron of Israel Air Force entered the airspace of Syria and pulverised an under construction nuclear fuel enrichment plant of Syria and returned home safely. Not a single shot was fired by Syrian Air Defence system because for those specific moments the Anti-Aircraft Control Plot of Syrian air defence system was disabled by Israel’s Signal Intelligence Unit 8200. Operation Orchard was successful.”

(source: read out this recently published article, page no.34 and tell me, if you were an Israeli, what would you call it, ethical or un-ethical.

Compliance Hacking is a pure Information Security Terminology introduced by a well-known Information Security expert “Commander Saini” and lately endorsed by a reputed organisation IAMAI, acronym of Internet And Mobile Association of India.

I’m totally agree with the concept behind naming of this term, the best thing I like about it is one

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