“We are seeing a shift, from the ‘destruction’ of data to the ‘theft’ of data. They are going from ‘hacking for fun’ to ‘hacking for fortune’ “…

Our mission is to research, shape and disseminate information, tools, and tactics that empower people to use technology in a way that is indeed more liberating. We support and strengthen our local communities through edification and action. We strive to learn from each other and focus our skills toward creative goals, to explore and research positive hacktivism, and to defend national community!

Our Vision

  • [+] Provide a user-friendly InfoSec-research and educational computing environment that is responsive to the needs of the community. Assist each of these in every way possible, by identifying and supporting performance-enhancing and process-optimizing technologies.
  • [+] Provide technology-focused services that increase productivity and enhance computing experiences.
  • [+] Provide a reliable, efficient, friendly and easily-accessible community for Information Security.

Our Objectives

Objective 1:Help government and industry maximize the value of Information security in information technology.

Technology is changing at a rapid pace and needs are constantly shifting. While balancing the costs associated with reliability, efficiency and availability of technology, it is our goal to also provide the most useful services which are intact with security point of view.

The Plan:

  • [+] Holding seminars and conferences for government and industry professionals to have a glitch over the present complex security conceptualities.
  • [+] Understanding and updating the present technologies with security perspective mainly.
  • [+] Improving support operations/processes, based on community feedback and direction. Track and evaluate support operations using measurable benchmarks and quality assurance techniques.
  • [+] Utilizing and supporting the most efficient, cost effective and reliable techniques to meet the needs of enriching knowledge.

Objective 2: “
Deliver leading-edge information technology and services, support, training and education.

With a diverse range of computing requirements locally and “on-the-go”, education and training is critical for safe and appropriate use of these cognitions.

The Plan:

  • [+] Focus on enhancing productivity through inside-training and education.
  • [+] Develop a collaborative and responsive environment to engage the community.
  • [+] Provide continuous improvement to the receivers communications and data infrastructures.

Objective 3
: “
Function as a strategic arm for the community members by leveraging new concepts to support strategic goals and conceptual plans.

We provide value by putting the knowledge and level of support services in the community’s hand. Ensuring those objects are highly available is a cornerstone of overall productivity, the ability to have their niche in the industry, conduct valuable research and educate the next generation IT security evangelists.

The Plan:

  • [+] Conducting varied research works in assorted niche of information technology.
  • [+] Continue to support, operate and manage information technology applications, databases and communication networks in a reliable and efficient manner. Achieve a minimum of 99.99 percent up-time within supported operations.
  • [+] Integrate new technologies to meet an ever-changing environment. Limit risks and any negative impacts to existing systems.
  • [+] Adjust support strategies and methodologies to meet changing research and business computing needs.